Used Sterilizers Buyer’s Guide

by dewi susanti

Used sterilizers can be purchased as a way to cut costs. This machine, because it creates safe instruments, is an important purchase and before setting out it is crucial that the buyer researches to make sure that the product works perfectly.

Used Sterilizers


Here are three tips and tricks for buying a used autoclave.
Used Sterilizers Should Not Be Purchased Unless The Buyer Understands Autoclave Basics – Before looking at used sanitizers for purchase:

1. Understand the key components of the machine.

2. Research brands typically used for the industry, and read reviews.

3. Make a list of the most common sizes of and cycles available on the machine and look for identical or close matches.

4. Consult with a colleague or reach out to owners of similar businesses; referrals are an excellent way to find products.5. If you do not currently have a sanitizer, consider visiting a business that does and asking to see and observe it. The best way to do this is to check out tattoo shop reviews. Customers will often comment on the quality of the autoclave. 

Used Sterilizers Should Not Be Bought Before The Buyer Negotiates A Test – Used sterilizers are expensive; you have a right to know what you are looking at.

1. Contact the seller and request a trial run of the machine where it currently is.

2. Conduct a visual inspection of the autoclave, specifically look for dents, evidence of mismatched parts, connections (electrical, vacuum), check for evidence of mold in the interior of the machine.

3. Run a cycle of the machine using an indicator. If you use tape to make sure that conditions are met, make sure it is lead free. Medical packaging often has a strip to show you that conditions were meant. A good seller will not mind providing this service.

4. Bring in an expert – he will know better than anyone else the quality of machine you are looking at.

Used Sterilizers Should Be Observed Under The Current Owner’s Use – If you are considering buying from a local business, visit prior to making contact and watch how the employees treat the sanitizer. There are certain behaviors that can harm the machine, and purchasing one that has been used improperly can mean a shorter life, more repairs, or other headaches. Watch for:

1. Forcing the automated door can damage the machine causing failure of the door.

2. Proper use of secondary containers to avoid issues if glass breaks in the machine. These secondary containers should be autoclave safe, produced for the purpose of being used in a sanitizer.

3. It may be more difficult to see more bad autoclave behavior but if they are breaking some basic rules you can be certain that others are being broken, leading to a less than perfect machine.

Used Sterilizers Should Be Bought Using Business Savvy – Used sterilizers are like used cars, you don’t always know upon purchase if you have a lemon. When making a deal consider protecting yourself, your capital and your business by entering into a contract.

1. You, as the purchaser, should be given copies of all receipts for work on the machine.

2. There should be a window of time during which the machine is guaranteed. During this time if anything happens, you should be able to get a full refund.

3. Have an expert evaluate the machine in its current place.

Used sterilizers are a good idea for saving money but as with all used products, taking the time to carefully research, inspect and observe the machine on its own, in use, with the knowledge of the current owner and without can help make the purchasing experience more beneficial. A machine that is not in proper condition could lead to future investment or, in the worse case, a machine that quickly breaks down.