Buying Guide for Used Autoclaves

by: dewi susanti

used autoclaves

used autoclaves

Before we discuss anything about purchasing used autoclaves, let us give you a brief overview of these devices. Autoclaves are considered to be one of the most important devices in the health care industry. An autoclave is used to heat solutions above their boiling points. This is helpful in sterilizing laboratory and medical instruments. Autoclaves are also used in the health care industry to ‘cure’ specific products during their manufacturing process. In the last few years, people have realized the importance of buying second-hand autoclaves.

Key Points to Consider while Buying Used Autoclaves


Here are some important things you need to consider while purchasing used autoclaves :

  1. Inspect the System – It is very important to inspect the system for leaks. Used autoclaves are quite prone to leaks, including pressure leaks and chamber leaks. If you’re purchasing a used autoclave, you should check the system to make sure it doesn’t have any sort of leaks. An autoclave with a leaky chamber is completely useless. In fact, if an autoclave has pressure leaks, it will be unable to build and maintain the pressure required for sterilization.
  1. Proper Maintenance – If they have been maintained properly, used autoclaves can work perfectly for many years. Maintenance is the key to a functional autoclave. Before buying a used autoclave, you need to make sure that the device has been properly maintained by the previous user. You need to ask the previous user if he has properly maintained fillers, door gaskets, bellows and other parts in the device. If possible, you need to check the last service date. If the device has not been maintained properly, you should not purchase it.
  1. Consider the Brand – There are many reputed and affordable autoclave manufacturers in the market. Every manufacturer produces a different line of products. You need to buy a used autoclave from a manufacturer who has been known for high-performance and quality. You should look for systems by brand names you can easily trust. This will ensure that the autoclave will be able to stand the test of time.
  1.  Availability of Replacement Parts – While buying used autoclaves, you need to make sure that replacement parts are easily available in the market. Although the device may work fine right now, you will definitely need to replace its parts in the future. However, if you buy a rare or very old device, you may be unable to find replacement parts easily. Therefore, before buying a used autoclave, you should check with the manufacturer if its parts are available in the market or not.
  1. One-Touch Instrument – Ideally, an autoclave should be a one-touch instrument. In simple words, a technician should be able to load the machine and press a single button to begin the cycle. The machine should do everything else. While buying used autoclaves, you should not buy a device in which the technician has to constantly monitor the device for temperature or begin and end a cycle.
  1. Compact Devices – Most clinics prefer using small autoclaves in their laboratories. They are used to sterilize small batches of medical instruments. Such autoclaves are usually placed on a cart. They are as small as a microwave oven. One can also wheel around these used autoclaves to where they are needed. If possible, you should try to buy compact devices so that your technicians do not experience any problems while using them.
  1. Compare Prices – Last but not the least, you need to consider price while purchasing a used autoclave. Although you’re buying a used autoclave, it is still important to get good value for money. Therefore, you need to conduct an extensive research and compare many different options. You should spend some time shopping for units which might be suitable for your needs and requirements. These days, it is better to look for affordable used autoclaves on the internet. Buying online is a very convenient, affordable and easy option.

These are many different kinds of used autoclaves available in the market. Some of these include downward displacement, positive pressure displacement, negative pressure displacement and triple vacuum autoclave. Before you buy a used autoclave, you need to consider your needs and requirements to choose one accordingly. You can also look for second-hand autoclaves online and purchase them at affordable prices.

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