Tips on Tuttnauer Autoclave Preventative Maintenance


autoclave tuttnauer

autoclave tuttnauer

By dewi susanti

aquality piece of equipment is a tuttnauer autoclave but, the way any other machine, steady maintenance and upkeep will keep it working at top performance levels and allow you to save a lot of money in repair bills. It is just as the saying goes that a little of prevention equalizes a lot of cure! You can find in this article several preventative maintenance tips that you can benefit in order to keep your tuttnauer autoclave in your office or out of the shop where it belongs.

In order to make tuttnauer autoclave always in the peak performance you can follow the listed tasks on weekly basis.

  1. You need to clean the air trap jet of your tuttnauer autoclave, which is located in the water reservoir and it is suggested to clean this part while the sterilizer machine is cycling. To do that you can simply place the trap and displace the clean out wire in and out several times (10 times) to keep the valve clear.
  2. If your tuttnauer autoclave is an electronic model, then you will have to clean water sensor positioned at the chamber’s rear. to do this you can use a clean damp cloth or sponge and wipe gently any residue or dirt off the sides of the sensor.
  3. You need to clean the chamber of your tuttnauer autoclave using Chamber Brite. In a cold chamber this works very well but you need to fill it with water first if it is hot. It is suggested that you follow the instructions on the Chamber Brite package so that you can prevent yourself from destructing the walls of the chambers.
  4. If you have the automatic model of tuttnauer autoclave then to flush the fill tube you will need to follow the manual water fill button. However, if your sterilizer is a ‘M’ or ‘MK’ model, to fill and flush the tube then you need to turn the knob positioned behind the chamber.
  5. In order to clean tray glides inside the chamber and the trays themselves you can use non-abrasive stainless steel or and a mild detergent cleaner.
  6. On weekly basis, or when required, you can clean the outside part of your tuttnauer autoclave using a soft and clean cloth.
  7. Every two months, under normal working condition, you need to perform the safety valve cleaning so you can prevent your unit from becoming blocked or clogged. The step by step procedures include turning your autoclave unit and begin a normal cycle. Then, inside the chamber allowing it to build up nearly 30 psi. After that turning your tuttnauer autoclave off followed by removing the cover from the water reservoir. Later using a screwdriver, for 2 seconds pulling the ring to open the safety valve then releasing it.

In maintaining your tuttnauer autoclave you should be cautious about the hot Steam that may escape when you do all the mentioned tips above and thus, you should be careful to stay away in a safe distance between the valve and your face.

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