Tattoo Autoclave – An Essential Device for Tattooing

by: dewi susanti


tattoo-autoclaveTattoos have been gaining popularity day by day for the last 2 decades. This has increased the demand for tattoo artists as well in the entire world. This immensely popular art brings the possibilities of lot of infections and diseases too, along with it.

The nature of tattooing equipment makes the person, being tattooed, vulnerable for various infections which can enter his/her body through the needle of the equipment. These tattooing and piercing needles are indeed the potential carriers of various germs and dangerous bacteria. From these possibilities, arise the need of preventing the spread of infections and diseases by maintaining the equipment of tattoo making.

Tattoo autoclave is the solution for this need. It is a device designed to sterilize the needles, tubes and other equipment of tattooing which are not disposable. Cleaning and sterilizing the tattoo equipment after the process not only prevents the occurring of diseases and infection but also helps in keeping the beauty of the equipment.

The sterilization in any tattoo enclave is done by utilizing the heat and pressure to kills the germs accumulated on the equipment. The amount of heat and pressure applied onto equipment is generally dependent upon its size and weight.

Generally, a temperature of 121 degree Celsius is used for 30 minutes for any equipment weighing less than 10 pounds. Similarly for bigger equipment a temperature of 132 degree Celsius used for 15 minutes can sterilize it. It is recommended that the sterilizing of the equipment should be done once before the process and once after the process. Moreover the needle used once on an individual should not be used again even if they are clean and sterilized.

A typical tattoo autoclave subjects the device to saturated high pressure steam at a very high temperature. These devices inculcate the sterilization trays and bags for the convenience of sterilizing the whole kit of tattoo equipment. You can prepare a bag for sterilization by putting the tools at their designated places and giving them the necessary grip though the accessories provided in the bag. This bag now can be put into the tattoo autoclave and the device can be turned on for the stipulated time duration.

There are some precautions which should be taken while sterilizing so as to ensure the overall safety. Before taking out the equipment after the sterilization is over in the autoclave, we must ensure that the temperature in the device is zero. Or if we are taking out at a bit higher temperature them clamps and other heat insulating accessory should be used.

We must also maintain the autoclave as well by time to time cleaning and checking the functionality of all parts like the pressure and heat mechanism. If you are a tattoo artist you must obtain the sterilization certificate from the concerned authority so as to avoid the potential troubles in case of any mishap. It should be noted that precaution is better than cure and in case of dealing with soft and vulnerable parts of human body like the skin, safety and cleaning should be the utmost priority for both customers as well as the tattoo artists.

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