Sterilization of Medical Devices Ensures They are Infection Free

by dewi susanti

Sterilization of medical device is a method that is used to remove all forms of germs that may be present in the devices. Through sterilization, microorganism and other bacteria are removed making them safe to use.

These are devices used to treat people who are ill and they should hence be safe to use so that they do not cause more harm to the patient, some diseases may be passed from one person to another if the devices that are used in the hospitals to treat different patients are not sterilized.sterilization of medical devices

Different medical centers have different methods in which they use to sterilize their equipment and devices. Some of the common methods used during sterilization include the use of heat, chemicals, irradiation, and use of high pressure among others.


Methods used to sterilize medical devices


Sterilization of medical devices can be done using different ways depending on the type of the device and the availability of the sterilizing agents. Different devices have the best method that can be used to sterilize them and some do not apply to others.

Some devices cannot withstand humid conditions and hence using a sterilizing agent that subjects the device to humidity may led to destroying of such equipment. The following are some of the methods that can be used during sterilization:

  • Use of autoclave steam sterilization

This is a physical method of sterilization combining heat and pressure to an autoclave device, the devices that are to be sterilized are put inside the autoclave and sealed and is best suited for devices with the ability to tolerate humidity. High pressure is then forced which leads to the air that was initially inside being displaced. This leads to killing of the microorganisms that may be present on the devices.

  • Use of gamma rays and electron beam radiations

This method of sterilization uses radiation, the devices to be sterilized are put under strong gamma radiations which penetrates deep in to the devices. This ensures that all the germs and bacteria are eliminated and the devices are well sterilized. This is suitable to devices that are not semiconductors.

Electron beam do not penetrate deep as the gamma rays but it sterilizes quicker than the gamma rays destroying pathogens, bacteria and fungi present in the medical device.

  • Use of hydrogen peroxide

This can be used for pharmaceutical devices that do not withstand moisture and high temperatures. The objects too be sterilized are put inside the hydrogen peroxide solution making the microorganisms that may be present inactive.

Sterilization of medical devices is very important in any medical Center. The equipment used to treat the patients or those used during surgical processes need to be free from any germs causing disease. Through sterilization the devices become safe to use and hence they do not put more risk on the patient.

Some disease may be transmitted through those devices and frequent sterilization eliminates such cases from happening as they become safe to use. Doctor and nurses should always ensure the type of medical equipment being used is free from germs and other bacteria for the health of the patient.