Reasons why Steam Sterilization is Important

by dewi susanti

steam sterilization

1. Baby Utensils

For those working mothers who do not have enough time on their side to sterilize the baby’s feeding utensils using the conventional boiling method, they may use this method. It involves using an electronic sterilizer that cleans feeding bottles and sterilize them in only 6 minutes and the items stay sterilized for longer. It is advantageous to both the mother and baby as it saves time as well as keeping the baby healthy.

2. Dentist

In a dentist clinic the various instruments used ought to be sterilized in order to stop the spread of bacteria from one patient to the other. The method of steam sterilization may be relied upon to eliminate the harmful bacteria. It would be efficient to use this method due to the less time consumed and the perfect results obtained.

3. Tattoo Parlors

Tattoo parlors usually use various instruments to either pierce or make markings on the human skin of their many customers. In order to avoid infections through the spread of bacteria from one customer to the next, these instruments require to be sterilized. It would be economical to utilize the steam sterilization process to perform this job as all instruments could be placed in the same sterilizer. The end result of having the instruments perfectly clean away from germs is great. It ensures that the spread of germs is minimized and hence assure the customers health is well taken care of.

Care should however, be taken not to expose metallic items to steam as it would lead to corrosion which would be dangerous as it may give rise to other diseases. Moist heat is the most appropriate to use for metallic instruments.

4. Hospitals

In major hospitals, where there are surgical procedures to be done, the non-metallic surgery equipments could be sterilized using the steam sterilization process. This would ensure that the instruments would be free from any kind of germs that would give rise to infections later if they were to enter the body of the patient. After all the equipments to be used in any procedure done in the theatre, they ought to be stored in a safe and sterile area to ensure that they do not lose their sterility. Hospitals require the majority of the sterilization procedures as there is a high risk of bacteria spreading from one patient to the other or to the health professional.

All the above are some of the reasons that portray why steam sterilization is important to people’s lives. It highlights the various areas where it is mostly used and the relevance it plays in such areas. In order to keep the harmful bacteria away, most establishments should embrace this method and eradicate bacteria completely.

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