Discover Why the Statim Sterilizer is Perfect for Dentists

by dewi susanti

There are many different types of autoclaves sold on the market but the Statim sterilizer is without a doubt the best autoclave for dentists. In an industry where time is money, the Statim sterilizer, which was created specifically for dental practitioners uses the latest state of the art technology to sterilize dental instruments in minutes.

statim sterilizer

Produced by Scican, it is the fastest autoclave on the market and serves the needs of busy dentists all over the world. Tens of thousands of these have been sold because of their unparalleled quality. The busy dentist is able to sterilize the instruments in 6 minutes.

That is effective time management and the dental assistant is able to sterilize the instruments between patients. The statim sterilizer is the choice of most dentists because it is fast, easy to operate, use and maintain. It’s also gentle on the delicate dental instruments. That makes this autoclave cost efficient over the long run.

The Statim sterilizer is comprised of three main parts. Namely, the main unit, the sterilization cassette and the external waste bottle. Assembly is very easy. The design is not only compact and space saving but it requires no plumbing or any special electrical requirements. Self- contained and perfect.

To operate the Statim sterilizer is very easy. All one needs to do is open and separate the top lid, insert the instruments, close the cassette and insert it into the main unit. Then press the desired settings on the LCD panel. 

The Statim sterilizer works by injecting air and steam into the cassette. The air is forced out of the cassette and the steam expelled into the waste bottle. Upon cycle completion, a small air compressor dries the equipment.

The unit is also self-diagnosing and any issues will be highlighted on the LCD display. As with all equipment, the Statim autoclave will require that its seals and filters be changed periodically. But since maintenance is minimal, it provides an unequalled return on your investment. You also focus on what really matters which are your patients, rather than equipment.

Some of the reasons that put the Statim sterilizer way ahead of its competitors are that conventional chamber based autoclaves are unable to reach optimal sterilization pressure and temperature as fast as the Statim can. 

Since the Statim sterilizer uses rapid heating and cooling, the instruments are not exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods. Unlike other autoclaves, the Statim only uses fresh steam processed distilled water with every cycle. No using of water from previous cycles

The patients’ health is protected because the sterilization is consistent and accurate. The unit also uses a technology known as super atmospheric pressure pulsing to achieve unmatched speed in sterilizing.

The Statim sterilizer has been tested and proven in a variety of tests conducted by renowned institutions worldwide such as Institute Pasteur (France), University of Kiel, (Germany) University of Liverpool (England), Brooks Air Force Base (US) and University Hospital in London (Canada).

All these go to show that the Statim sterilizer is an ideal autoclave for dentists. It is a proven product unmatched by its peers. Definitely a worthy investment.