Tips on Using a Statim Autoclave

by dewi susanti

The statim autoclave is a very common sterilizer that is mainly used in the healthcare and medical sectors. This sterilizer comes in three unique models : 2000, 5000 and 7000 models. Each of these models differs from the others in respect to size, length as well as individual sterilization ability. The best thing about a statim sterilizer is that it’s designed in a fully automatic mode in that the are operated with just a simple push on the sterilizer’s buttons. The main difference between these sterilizers and the traditional ones is that in the latter, instruments that are to be sterilized do not necessarily need to be wrapped. In the former, wrapping of instruments to be sterilized is a primary requirement .


statim autoclave


How to use a statim autoclave

Before you use a statim autoclave, there are a few things that you need to ensure that they’re in place. For starters, you should ensure that the sterilizer is placed on an evenly leveled surface. In addition to this, you also need to ensure that the sterilizer’s water reservoir is filled (to recommended levels) with distilled water. Another important pre-sterilization step is ensuring that the equipments (to be sterilized) have been well hand-scrubbed and have been allowed to dry completely. This makes the sterilization process more accurate and to be achieved with better efficiency.

Incase you are using a cassette statim sterilizer, you should place the equipments to be sterilized in the cassette. You should the seal the cassette (by placing back its lid) and place the cassette back into the sterilizer then start the sterilization process. The time required to sterilize medical equipments differs in respect to manufacturer’s provisions on the sterilization measures to observe. As such, it is important to ensure that you observe all the provisions and guidelines provided by manufacturers for sterilization purposes.

If incase you are sterilizing unwrapped equipments, you should only hold the equipments using contamination free gloves. You should avoid any direct contact of the equipments with bare hands due to the micro-organisms that may be on bare hands.


Advantages of using a statim sterilizer

There a couple of factors that make it more advantageous to use a statim sterilizer over traditional sterilizers. For starters, this sterilizer is designed using modern technology thereby being more efficient and simpler to use. When the sterilization cycle is over, the sterilizer automatically shuts down and ejects the cassette. You therefore need not operate the sterilizer manually thereby saving you the trouble of monitoring the whole process stepwise.

A statim autoclave needs to be maintained in a good working condition for it to be fully efficient at all times. In addition to this, you need to frequently run a spore test (preferably on a weekly basis) to ensure that it is sterilizing equipments properly. What’s more important about these sterilizers is that the rubber cassette needs to be lubricated using liquid soap at least once or twice per week . after each sterilization process, the cassette and its tray should be cleaned on a weekly basis using a mild dishwashing agent.