How To Troubleshoot The Error Code C983 On A Ritter Autoclave

by: dewi susanti

ritter autoclave

ritter autoclave

The C983 Error Code may occur in some Ritter autoclave models of the Mismark M9 and M11 range. In order to fix this problem, you need to first understand the normal working mechanism of this sterilizer.

While working properly, the Main PC Board within the autoclave is supplied with power that passes through two high-limit thermostats. These thermostats are normally “closed” (being “closed” means that the thermostat is in good working condition – it is defective when it is in the “open” state).

If one or both thermostats opens (maybe due to overheating or malfunction) the C983 error code occurs. Since the thermostat circuit powers nearly all other components, the sterilizer will completely shut down.

Locating The High Limit Thermostat

To fix a malfunctioning Ritter autoclave, the thermostat must first be located. It is placed on the lower part of the sterilizer chamber. In order to get to it, drain all the water within the reservoir, then lay the Ritter autoclave on its side with the door closed. This way, you can easily locate a small access panel at the bottom. The thermostats are right beneath this access panel.

Identifying The Bad Thermostat

Once you find the thermostats, you now need to identify the defective one. This can be done through a “continuity” test using a Multimeter or volt/Ohmmeter. The setting needed for this test may be found in the meter’s “ohm” section. It is normally 2k or 200. Take note that this test should only be carried out when the thermostats have cooled down to room temperature.

Begin by testing one thermostat then the other. Make sure to tag each of the connecting pair of wires in order to recall where each wire goes, before removing them from the thermostat. Place the proper setting on the meter, then apply a probe to contact each of the thermostat’s terminals.

If the meter reads either 0 or a value close to 0, it indicates that there is continuity. This means that the high limit thermostat being tested is in good working condition. On the other hand, if the meter reads 1, then the thermostat being tested is defective. Always test both of the thermostats even if you find the first one to be defective.

In the case that only one of the pair of high limit thermostats is defective, only that one should be replaced, while the other one remains. However, if both thermostats do register good meter readings, the two thermostats must be replaced.

The reason for this is because either one or both supposedly good thermostats is breaking connection at a low temperature (thermostats are factory set to stop electricity flow by breaking contact only at a high temperature – generally 4500F); otherwise the Ritter autoclave would not indicate the error code C983. In order to determine the defective thermostat in such a case you require more specialized techniques. Hence, it would be faster and less tasking to simply replace both high limit thermostats.

Once the thermostats have been replaced, make sure to re-attach all autoclave parts in the proper format. Making any errors in re-attaching critical circuitry components on the Ritter autoclave might create further malfunction.

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