Error Code 007 on Midmark Autoclave How to Solve



By Dewi Susanti

First, you may want to know what Error code of 007 on a midmark autoclave means. In case that your autoclave becomes malfunctioned and it states the error code “007” on display, then it means that your Midmark M11’s diagnostics portion of has notices a water leak in any place within its system. Most likely it is located in 1 of 3 possible areas including Fill Solenoid Valve, Door Gasket, and Vent Solenoid Valve.

The first step of how to solve Error code of 007 on midmark autoclave is by checking the Door Gasket. Find if there is any steam that escapes from around it? It is suggested that you take the gasket off in weekly basis and wash it using soft soapy water. In case you have not moved it in a while, then you have to replace it immediately. The maker of Midmark autoclave recommends substituting it at minimum once per year or every a half year if under heavy usage.

The second technical tip for this kind of error is to always replacing the Dam Gasket while The Door Gasket Is Replaced at the same time. The next tip is you should fill the Solenoid Valve of the midmark autoclave. You should know that as the name implies, the valve manage the water when entering the chamber. If the valve functions properly, it can open when the machine is in the fill cycle. However, it may get stuck as well in either the closed or open position.

If you see that there is no water that enters the chamber of your midmark autoclave, then it is stuck close. On the other hand, if it keeps allowing water to enter it has achieved the fill mark and the fill mode of the dial is switched off then it is stuck open. a certain symptom when the Fill Solenoid Valve of your midmark autoclave is stuck in the open position is whenever you are going to use it and the reservoir is empty. Although the last time you saw it you know it was full, or you recently filled it. There other evidence will be it being stuck open too that includes: water on the counter, under the autoclave, or even on the floor.

The third tip for Error code of 007 on your midmark autoclave The Vent Solenoid Valve, a valve re-entering the water reservoir and controlling the water leaving the chamber is probably stuck in either closed or open position just like the Fill Solenoid Valve. During the sterilization cycle you will hear too much sound of “Gurgling” in the bottom of the reservoir if It is stuck open. In contrary, at the end of the cycle you will find water in the chamber if it is stuck in the closed position.

Regardless which part are being the root cause of the 007 error code issue with your midmark autoclave, the repair is not hard to do. It is possible to fix the midmark autoclave by yourself and at the same time save the expense of a service call. It is also possible to get help from online sources with easy step-by-step and easy to follow directions by other experts.

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