Medical Instrument Sterilization

The Importance Of Medical Instrument


by dewi susanti


Medical instrument sterilization is a very important procedure in hospitals and medical facilities. Sterilization is quite broad and focuses on aspects such as treating instruments used by surgeons, general doctors, nurses, dentists as well as other medical personnel.

Medical Instrument SterilizationThe main reason as to why the treatment of instruments used in medical centers and hospitals is necessary is due to the need of having a safe environment for patients. This is because hospitals are quite prone to deadly bacteria, fungi and viruses among other micro-organisms that can cause very serious health complications. The need for treatment of hospital instruments helps in:

Killing germs on instruments used in hospitals 

Medical instrument sterilization is mainly done for purposes of killing germs and other dangerous microorganisms on instruments used in hospitals. This treatment of the instruments is a vital procedure as far as the safety of patients is concerned. In addition to killing germs, this treatment also ensures that there is no transfer of harmful infections from one patient to the other especially through instruments that are shared by different patients.

Countering spread of infections among patients 

Doctors and other medical practitioners use treatment of medical instruments as an effective way of countering the spread of infections among patients. This is specifically very useful for the highly contagious diseases that are transmitted from one patient to the other with much ease. When non-sterilized medical instruments (especially surgical instruments) are used, there are very high chances of transmitting a disease from one patient to the other.

How effective is sterilization?

According to statistics and research studies, sterilization is effective by almost 100%. This is because the latest advancements in present day technology have gone a long way in enhancing this treatment of medical instruments and instruments.

Presently, much of this treatment (especially that of medical instruments) is done with the use of moist heat steam treatment/ sterilization, treatment using different chemicals or dry heating among other ways. This helps in ensuring that procedures used in hospitals and other medical institutions are as contamination free as possible.

For purposes of ensuring safety of medical practices as well as reduced contamination risk, the treatment of medical instruments is paramount. This focuses on completely eliminating all the deadly infection bugs that may lurk in medical instruments and facilities.

In the recent past, there has been the introduction of sterilization pouches that are used in treating medical instruments and especially those used in surgery. These pouches are not only used for the treatment of medical instruments but also for storage of the same instruments. A perfect pouch is one that comes with transparent film for locking germs and other destructive microorganisms out.

Medical instrument sterilization goes a long way in ensuring that the safest instruments are used for all medical procedures. The failure to sterilize any instrument used in a hospital can result in very serious complications that include the spread of deadly virus such as HIV and other killer viruses.

In the recent past, there have been lots of research studies that have sought to ensure that there is the use of the latest and safest sterilization procedures in hospitals.