dental sterilizer

An In-depth Dental sterilizer review

by dewi susanti

Sterilizing dental equipment is central to success for any practitioner. A dental sterilizer is a critical item you must acquire before starting or to boost your practice. Here is a review of dental sterilizers for you to easily identify which clinic or institution.
Generic 23l Medical Surgical Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizing Vacuum Steam and Printing Date Dentist Equipment 23 Liters with Data Printer & printing Paper Ce Certification Approved

This dental sterilizing equipment is one of the new models that have been developed with the latest technologies. All the controls are computerized for better sterilization process control. You can therefore monitor the progress and set the machine to stop once sterilization is complete. The sterilizer is gaining popularity because it automatically detects any failure and prompts you to check and maintain them.

The machine consumes very little power and will not raise your power bills with a lot of money. If you are in an institution or leave somebody to sterilize your dental equipments, this machine is the best because it is fitted with an in-built-printer that will record all the sterilization information. If you are starting a dental practice, it is strongly advisable to have this.
Tuttnauer Autoclave Sterilizer 2340m

This sterilizer is carefully built to provide higher value for money. The body is carefully welded together and sterilization chamber galvanized for higher effectiveness. You can therefore use the machine with a special guarantee that it will deliver higher value for your money.

Because sterilization requires very high temperatures, the machine is fitted with a dual special safety thermostat to protect it from overheating. Your safety and that of the equipments you are using is therefore guaranteed. In addition, the sterilization chamber is big; 21.5″x20″x14.4″ which is enough to fit two trays of 16″x6″x0.8″. You can sterilize a lot of equipments for your clinic at once instead of repeating the process severally.
Generic Medical Vacuum model Steam Sterilizing machine with Data Printing

Every dentist with a practice is interested in equipments that are efficient and fast. This sterilizer is carefully built with automated controls to sterilize all the equipments you are using fast and efficiently. Because of its speed, you are able to sterilize equipments frequently without being inconvenienced.

dental sterilizer

dental sterilizer

The sterilizer is carefully built and meets the EN1 3060 standards. The body and sterilization chamber are carefully designed to deliver strength and special resistance to high temperatures used in sterilization. You are however advised to take good care of it and avoid falls.

In case of breakdown, the sterilizer is fitted with special detectors that will tell you the exact part that is faulty. You can therefore look for a technician to repair that section. This reduces the time required to diagnose the entire machine in order to detect defaults.

Generic Autoclave Professional Sterilizer 12l Vacuum Steam with in-Built Printer

This machine is one of the newest generic dental sterilizers that will deliver great efficiency for your practice. Its specifications surpass the standards laid out by EN13060. The body is heavily built and all parts fitted with great precision to enable the machine work under very high temperatures during sterilization.

All the parts are digitized and computerized for easier control. You can therefore monitor and control the temperatures, humidity and other particulars of sterilization. Water drain is also humanized for you to change the water used in the chamber easily until optimal sterilization is achieved.

For easier monitoring and progress tracking, the machine prints all sterilization records. Whether you are present or not, it will be easy to tell whether complete sterilization was achieved. This is very critical especially when the sterilization procedures are carried out by your staff or you have trainees in your practice.

Grafco Stainless Steel Sterilizer
Grafco Stainless Steel Sterilizer is an effective machine that will help you sterilize all your dental equipments within a very short time. Unlike other machines that use water which can cause corrosion, this dental sterilizer uses heat only to make all your equipments as safe as possible. Because the stainless steel body does not come into contact with water, the equipment is also very easy to maintain for longer service.

The equipment is easy to operate and has strong thermostats that protect it from overheating. You can therefore rely on it for complete sterilization of all your items for quality services to clients. It is also easy to maintain because it uses less power.


Selecting the best dental sterilizer is an important part of succeeding in your practice. Make sure to carefully select the machine that is strongly built and that will not raise power bills too much. Use the above review to identify the model that is easy to use and maintain especially if it is your staff that will be operating it.

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