Medical Sterilizers to Get Rid of Pathogenic Microorganisms

While it might be easy to get rid of grime and dirt with a mere soap scrub, it isn’t the same for bacterial spores. Chemical disinfectants inhibit and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, but they fail to do an absolute job. Bacterial spores are among the only living organisms that are impervious to destructive agents including chemical disinfectants. Thus, the use of

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Unique Functions and Use of a Dry Heat Sterilizer

by dewi susanti Basically, the method and equipment used in sterilization largely depends on what kind of material requires sterilization. This is because different materials have varying capacities to withstand the processes involved. Therefore, before using a dry heat sterilizer, you should be well versed in its unique functions in order to gauge its appropriateness for the material in consideration.

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Medical Instrument Sterilization

The Importance Of Medical Instrument Sterilization by dewi susanti   Medical instrument sterilization is a very important procedure in hospitals and medical facilities. Sterilization is quite broad and focuses on aspects such as treating instruments used by surgeons, general doctors, nurses, dentists as well as other medical personnel. The main reason as to why the treatment of instruments used in