Important Facts About Autoclave Service

by dewi susanti

An autoclave is a very unique sterilization equipment that needs regular servicing and maintenance for purposes of ensuring that it is maintained in its best working conditions at all times. The best thing about the proper maintenance of a sterilizer is that its performance is maintained at its peak always. In addition to this, it also reduces the need for repairs and replacement of the sterilizer’s parts.
Some of the regular autoclave service tasks include: Clean water sensors If your sterilizer is a modern electronic model, the water sensor (located towards the rear end of the sterilization chamber) . When cleaning this sensor, you should use a damp cloth for wiping off residues and dirt on the surface of the sensor.autoclave service

In most instances, when this sensor is clogged up by dirt the sterilizer becomes faulty and gives results that are inaccurate. Clean trays Cleaning trays is a very important procedure in autoclave service. This is because the sterilizer and all its components need to be contamination free at all times. As such, it is advisable to use mild detergents or a non- abrasive (stainless steel) cleaner to remove dirt on trays.

It is worth noting that when cleaning trays, you should not use bleach or steel wool. This is because washing trays with the use of these cleaning agents exposes the trays to contamination. Clean the air trap jets The air trap jets in the sterilizer’s water reservoirs need to be cleaned regularly; preferably on a weekly basis.

The best time to clean these is during the autoclave’s cycling period. You should flush clean water through the jets for about ten times in and out thereby removing any clogging in the jets. It is worth noting that these jets are very vital in the proper functioning of the sterilizer. As such, they should be maintained at contamination and clogging free conditions always.

Cleaning the safety valve The safety valve does not need to be cleaned regularly but even so, it should be cleaned once in every two months. Extreme care should be taken when cleaning the safety valve. This is because the hot steam in the sterilizer can inflict very serious injuries if the required safety precautions are not considered.

The valve should be cleaned when the sterilizer has build up a pressure of about 30psi. Autoclave servicing mainly aims at ensuring the sterilizer is well maintained so that it not only becomes highly efficient but also very durable.

The life of a sterilizer is mainly determined by the service accorded to the sterilizer during its lifespan. This makes the sterilizer to be of meaningful use during its lifespan thereby being able to lower its maintenance and repair costs considerably. In the long run, the sterilizer not only becomes economical to use but also reliable too. Sterilization should only be done with the use of efficiently running sterilizers .