Autoclave Pricing – A Comparison of Price Lists at E bay, Amazon, Claflin Medical Equipment and Massage Tools

by dewi susanti

There is a wide market of sellers from whom Autoclaves can be bought at reasonable prices. The popular ones being Ebay, Amazon, Clafin Medical Equipment and Massage Tools.

1) Ebay – Ebay has a range of products grouped by categories and also sell Autoclaves. The pricing list is as follows:

a) Basic Manual Autoclave Sterilizer 18 litres 110v – $999.95

b) Pibbs 942 Autoclave Hot steam Sterilizer for Tools and Instruments -$949.00

c) Brand Tuttnauer Valueklave 1730 Autoclave Sterilizer – $1994.00

d) Brand Tuttnauer Ez10- The Fully Automatic Autoclave – $$4495.00

e) Tuttnauer 1730m Valueklave Autoclave Sterilizer -$2170.00

f) Steri-Dent 200 Electric Dry Heat Autoclave Sterilizer Sterident Tatto Piercing -$679.00

g) Brand Tuttnauer Ez9 – The Fully Automatic Autoclave – $3895.00

h)Ritter Midmark M9d Automatic Autoclave Ultracave ( brand Sealed In Box ) – $2699.00

i) All American 25Q Tattoo and Body Piercing Autoclave Sterilizer Stove Top Medical – $389.00


2) Amazon – Amazon is similar to Ebay and has a wide range of products. The pricing list is as follows:

a) Bestdent Best II N 18Litres Dental Autoclave – $766.00

b) 20Litres Autoclave Steam Sterilizer – $1740.00

c)Commercial Steam MTN Gearsmith Autoclave Sterilizer 18Litres Tattoo Dental – $259.25

d) All American 25X Electric Autoclave – $599.00

e) MuchBuy Autoclave Removes Bubbles Machine for separate fix repair Refurbish Phone Mobile – $1630.00

f) Veterinary Dental Tatoo Dry Heat Nail Beauty Instruments Sterilizer Autoclave -$160.00

g) New Portable 18Litres Autoclave High Pressure Steam Sterilizer- $263.75

h) Tuttnauer Autoclave Fully Automatic – Model EZ10K – Each – $5399.00

i) Ultraclave autoclave Midmark M9 ritter sterilizer – $4875.00

j) Kendall 31143699 Sharps – A- Gator General Purpose Large Volume Sharps Disposal Biohazard Waste Container, 1 Gallon Capacity ( Case of 32 ) -$175.27

k) Revolutionary Science RS-SC-200 Saniclave Automatic FDA Sterilizer Autoclave -$1092.45

l) Generic 23 Litres with Data Printer and Printing Paper 23 Litres Medical Surgical Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuume Steam Printing Date Dentist Lab Equipment Ce Certification Approved -$1899.99.00

m) Tuttnauer Electronic Autoclave – Model EZ9- Each -$4339.00

n) Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave Manual Autoclave -$2169.60


3) Clafin Medical Equipment – Clafin Medical Equipment has a range of Medical equipment’s and supplies. The pricing list is as follows:

a) Tuttnauer EZ Series Automatic Autoclave – $5230.40

b) Tuttnauer EZ Series Automatic Autoclave with optimized options – $5836.80

c) Tuttnauer EZ9 Series Automatic Autoclave –CESS-91827- $4620.80

d) Tuttnauer 3870EA Automatic Autoclave w/ 22 Gallon Chamber – $14620.00


4) Massage Tools – Massage Tools provide autoclaves for professional massage therapists and business people. The pricing list is as follows:

a) Autoclave Sterilizer – $1099.00

b) Tuttnauer Kleen Still Descaler –KSD – $48.00


Buying – Of the various factors which drive the economics of operating an autoclave, the means of heating seems to be the most important one. This has a great relevance as energy prices rise. Electric heat is 100% efficient, and it is the easiest and most accurate parameter to control, as well as the least costly to maintain.

However, the cost per kilowatt-hour makes this the most expensive factor. The money spent on electricity over an autoclave’s full service life is proved to be equal to four to six times the price paid for the autoclave in the first place.

You can strike great deals while buying online at Ebay and Amazon. Also Autoclave manufacturers provide Test Autoclaves at their laboratories where you can validate the sterilizability of the autoclave before buying them.

The price of an autoclave will depend largely upon its diameter and to a much lesser extent upon its length. While doubling the design pressure might increase the cost of the autoclave by 50%, doubling the diameter might further increase its cost.

When looking into whether to purchase a new autoclave or an existing machine, the prospective purchaser will find that used machines may not be less expensive than a new one built to his precise specifications and that they can be very hard to find in the required configuration.

If a used machine matching the requirements is located at a reasonable price, you will need to check for door hinge wear, undocumented modifications made by the user, pressure vessel registration documents, construction prints, autoclave’s U-1 form, data plate etc.. Uninspected additions made after the insurance inspection may not be covered under insurance. Also , one should know that Homemade pressure vessels cannot be repaired at any shop even for insignificant modifications.