Autoclave Manual for Proper Use of an Autoclave

manual autoclave

manual autoclave

By dewi susanti

Following autoclave manual correctly is an essential requirement when performing sterilization process to

ensure that those harmful microorganisms, spores, viruses and others can be killed and destroyed. A proper autoclave manual

is important to check the sterilization instrument whether it is under good condition and can work properly or not.

According to a proper autoclave manual if the steam directly contacts directly the hazardous materials, then the microorganisms cannot be totally killed by the autoclaving process. To emphasize the effectiveness of sterilization process you need to do vials test. This quality control needs to be performed monthly. You also need to clean the machine regularly based on the items that have been loaded inside or have been autoclaved.

When it comes to using the sterilization unit, following the right autoclave manual you should place all the items that you want to sterilize inside the tray. A good tray should be able to hold all of these items from falling, boiling over, or spilling into the chamber. You need to ensure that the things that you want to sterilize are autoclave-able. To do this you need to pay specific attention to harmful liquids. Also, the vessel should be twice bigger than the liquid inside. The reason is to avoid spilling whenever inside the chamber the liquid is boiling. To prevent vessel breakage the caps must be loosened. You should put waste inside trays and autoclave bags of 5 inch.

A proper autoclave manual is essential since an autoclave is a unit that has a risk in usage. In the sterilization process this instrument produces so much energy. Because of that, there are a lot of possibilities of injury or accident that might happen to the user. To avoid the occurrence of the possible hurt caused by the improper usage of this unit, you have to follow the right autoclave manual that can be shown by several the steps here:

The first important part of autoclave manual on using autoclave unit is that first, you need to use gloves, apron, as well as glasses when handling hot vessels. Second, you should not forget to shut your autoclave unit off and unplug the cable prior to replacing the materials from chamber. Third, you need to allow the items cool before you remove them from the sterilizer unit. Fourth, you should remove carefully the items from the autoclave when taking them out.

It is important to have an autoclave manual on place particularly for beginner level users as they need to learn about the way to operate the machine prior to using it. Different instructions are set for different types of autoclaves. Although you might be a professional user, you need to read well the autoclave manual from manufacturer in order to make the correct use of the autoclave unit.

In case the process of sterilization with autoclave is failed, you should discontinue the process immediately. You need to provide others with alert to not use the autoclave. For a mechanical check of the machine that cannot be found in the provided autoclave manual you can contact the service company.

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