Considerations to Make When Stocking an Autoclave Laboratory


by: dewi susanti

autoclave laboratoryAn autoclave laboratory is mainly used for purposes of sterilizing medical instruments and equipments. This is so as to ensure that the equipments are infection free. It is worth noting that autoclaves provide high end sterilization through the destruction of pathogens and microorganisms such as bacteria & viruses. When looking forward to stocking a sterilization lab with the best and latest sterilization equipments, there are a few considerations you should make. These include:


Ease of operation of equipments


The best equipments to purchase are those that are easy to operate and use. You should avoid having to purchase equipments that are complicated to operate as they are uneconomical in terms of money and time. The best equipment to use in a sterilization lab is one that is designed to run automatically without the need of detailed manual supervision. In addition to this, the equipment should be easily customizable for it to be adjusted to suit your lab’s needs and requirements.


Innovative designs & economy of space


Space is a very crucial aspect when it comes to stocking an autoclave laboratory. This is because for starters, there should be no space constraints in the lab. This is for purposes of allowing for free movement of personnel as well as medical instruments in the lab. As such, the best sterilization lab equipment to settle for is one that does not consume too much space. However, even with the need to have economy of space in the lab it is important to ensure that you do not make any compromises on utility. Such a move is likely to have a negative impact on the lab’s efficiency. Most equipment that comes with innovative designs is space efficient.




Safety is a very paramount issue in any autoclave laboratory. Safety in this lab touches on both the equipments and personnel working in the lab. Always ensure that before purchasing any equipment, there is a safety certification on the equipment of choice. Most new and refurbished lab equipments are designed uniquely such that they are very safe to use and work with.

While there are lots of things that need to be considered when designing and stocking a sterilization lab, it is important to have a well planned sterilization lab. This is because the plan of the lab plays a great role in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of sterilization equipments. Most of these equipments need to be stored away from direct sunlight and in cool dry places. Often, these labs are not only used for sterilizing medical instruments but also in treating medical waste before it’s disposed off. Due to this, there is wide application of autoclaves especially in medical institutions like hospitals.

In a field like dentistry, after medical instruments are sterilized they are then stored in vacuum autoclaves. Storage facilities in sterilization labs provide contamination free conditions for a period of up to 12 months. However, this is only possible with the use of air tight sealed pouches. Autoclaves come with indicators such as biological indicators that are used for detecting the presence of microorganisms such as bacteria.