Why Should You Work With Autoclave Engineers?

by dewi susanti

autoclave engineers

autoclave engineers

At Autoclave Engineers, you will find professionals who combine high pressure industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise as well as technological innovation in order to provide a wide range of products and services to customers across many industries.

The goal of Autoclave experts is to come up with outstanding products and systems while consistently adhering to customers’ needs. The following is the list of products they develop:

Pressure Vessels

The Autoclave Engineers’ pressure vessels come in different materials, closure styles and sizes. They are meant to be used at very high temperatures as well as pressures. Some of the processes in which they can be used include down-hole simulation, batch type chemical reactions and catalyst research. They can also be used as ballast vessels.

Magnetically Coupled Mixers

Also referred to as magnedrives, the autoclave magnetically coupled mixers provide magnetically coupled mixing at high speed in situations that require high pressure without interfering with the process. The magnetically coupled mixers come in a variety of sizes. There are those that have small laboratory sizes while others have production plant mixer sizes. You can use them for liquid blending, gas dispersion and solids suspension.

Stirred Reactors

Autoclave has cost-effective mini stirred reactors as well as those that have production sizes. There is a wide range of them that cover heating and cooling methods, materials for construction, type of closure, high pressure as well as temperature ratings and multiple internal component options.

Catalytic Reactors

The catalytic reactors range from micro to pilot scale in either stainless steel or corrosion resistant alloys or assorted high temperature. These reactors are for use with gases, liquids or solids with either stationery or falling catalyst baskets.

Laboratory Reaction Systems

At Autoclave, you will find custom reactors or multiple reactor systems that can meet any of your requirements. The laboratory reaction systems are meant to be used for fixed bed or fluidized bed and also vapor-phase catalyst development processes.

Process Instrumentation

Autoclave has controls that help in monitoring and control of temperature, pressure, gas flow and mixer speed or any combination of these reactions.

High Pressure Pumps

Autoclave Engineers’ high pressure pumps have been coupled and have a pack less pumps design that makes them have improved efficiency, reduced heat losses and high torque. These high pressure pumps are made from several different materials and they are capable of running various supply voltages.

Spare Parts and Special Options

At Autoclave, you will find replacement parts as well as custom accessories for all equipment that is supplied.

Custom Support Services

The Autoclave support professionals travel worldwide to install, inspect or repair any equipment that might be having problems. Some of the things they will do for you include re-certification, recalibration of instrumentation and annual inspection.

Autoclave Engineers offers you all solutions for highly engineered flow control components as well as systems. All the items that are developed and manufactured are aimed at offering you increased up-time, safety and also improve production and quality control. The instrumentation production products are developed with customer’s application requirements in mind.


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